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This is a simple board game. It is also known as othello. If you don't know the rules, just browse the web, you can find hundreds of reversi games.

This version of the game runs on devices compliant with the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), for instance cellular phones. The program has been tested on several real MIDP devices.


I wanted to learn J2ME, so I implemented this small game. First time (years ago) I've implemented reversi using Turbo Pascal, later I converted it to C (it was an artificial intelligence project for my University). Now I converted it to Java (J2ME).


The obligatory screenshots (and animations) can be found here.



Starting from version 0.82, the program can be downloaded through WAP. Use the following address (in your mobile phone) to install the latest version of the program http://j2mereversi.sourceforge.net/wap/. Do not use abbrev. like j2mereversi.sf.net, it may not work!

Traditional download

Donwload the jad and jar file, if you want to test the program on your phone. Download the .tar.gz source, if you want to compile.

version tar.gz jad jar
0.87.00 jtReversi-0.87.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.86.00 jtReversi-0.86.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.85.00 jtReversi-0.85.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.84.00 jtReversi-0.84.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.83.00 jtReversi-0.83.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.82.00 jtReversi-0.82.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.81.00 jtReversi-0.81.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.80.00 jtReversi-0.80.00.tar.gz jtReversi.jad jtReversi.jar
0.73.00 j2mereversi-0.73.00.tar.gz j2mereversi.jad j2mereversi.jar
0.72.00 j2mereversi-0.72.00.tar.gz j2mereversi.jad j2mereversi.jar
0.71.00 j2mereversi-0.71.00.tar.gz j2mereversi.jad j2mereversi.jar
0.70.00 j2mereversi-0.70.00.tar.gz
0.62.00 j2mereversi-0.62.00.tar.gz
0.61.00 j2mereversi-0.61.00.tar.gz
0.60.00 j2mereversi-0.60.00.tar.gz

If you want to know more, go to the sourceforge summary page

How to compile?

The game is precompiled, so if you want only to play with the game, you don't need to compile it. If you really want to compile, you'll need the followings:
  1. Change the path of wtk.home in .ant.properties file.
  2. ant

How to compile with obfuscator?

If you use obfuscator, the size of the jar file will be smaller. Currently the build process can use only two obfuscators: ProGuard version 1.4 and RetroGuard version 1.1
  1. Copy (or symlink) proguard.jar or retroguard.jar into WTK's bin directory.
  2. Change the obfuscate="false" to obfuscate="true" in build.xml
  3. ant
NOTE: RetroGuard-1.1 is not working for me with J2SDK 1.4.1 for Linux
NOTE2: ProGuard creates smaller jar file for this project.

How to run?

If you want to try the program on your computer, you'll need:
  1. Go to the bin directory
  2. Change the path of WTK_HOME.
  3. ./run.sh (Windows users have to use run.bat instead of run.sh)

How to run with Ant?

If you have ant (and antenna) installed you can run the program using ant, instead of the run.sh (run.bat) scripts.
  1. Change the path of wtk.home in .ant.properties file.
  2. ant run

Using microemulator

With Ant you are also able to test the program with microemulator:
  1. Change the path of MICROEMULATOR_HOME in .ant.properties file.
  2. ant microrun
Note: Please use at least version 0.3.1. The latest versions of jtReversi were not tested with microemulator, so it may not work.

Testing on Phones

If you want to use the program on your phone, you have several possibilities:




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